How it works.

Recurring revenue

Make a predictable income from monthly subscriptions in crypto. Fully focus on your creative pursuits.

Community access

Rally true supporters and build a genuine community. Together we achieve more.

Fan exclusives

Entertain your fans with exclusive experiences like early access, premium content, behind-the-scenes or collectibles.

Same but different.

Run subscription memberships.

Activate your supporters to fund your endeavors and excite them with an exclusive community & content.

Get paid in full & in crypto.

No payment provider, no bundled payouts and near zero transaction costs. We only take a 5% cut.

Your business, your smart contract.

Instant settlements, no chargebacks, no freezing of accounts. You be creative, we handle the rest.

You're in control.

Create on your own terms. We won't judge. Decentralization & encryption ensure your content ownership.

No censorship barriers.

No 3rd party intermediaries. No geographical censorship. Make your content available to each and every fan.

Empower your fans.

Payments are globally enabled & discrete. No personal info needed. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.

Creative freedom.

Get updates.

Infrequent and awesome